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About us

PoCoMo, the local tri-cities community (which also includes two villages), is situated beautifully in the Western Canadian province of British Columbia.  The name "PoCoMo" is comprised of the two most-significant letters of the names of the three cities:

The two villages, Anmore and Belcarra, are included in the tri-cities area as equally important members of the PoCoMo community.

The tri-cities area includes an almost ideal combination of the typical attractions of a major city and healthy tundra, while also embracing the origins of its strong traditional Canadian village culture which has its roots in friendly and helpful citizenship.  Community strengths include active participation by local citizens, friendly neighbourhoods, a clean environment, and peaceful natural surroundings.


Community service

As a community service contribution, Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc. has created this portal in concert with The Lumber Cartel (a grass-roots anti-spam effort) in the hopes of encouraging more inter-municipal connections between people, community groups, and local businesses.

We believe that one of the best ways businesses, in particular, can participate in their communities is to contribute in some constructive or meaningful way (the size of such a contribution is not important, and the effectiveness of any given contribution may not be realized until years, or even decades, later); the key is regular involvement in local community activities because it gradually (and subtly) encourages more people to participate, which ultimately leads to better support for local businesses and organizations by local people.

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